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You Are Here > Orphea 10x12 Moth Repellent Strips For Drawers and Wardrobes

10 Packs of 12 Orphea Moth Repellent Strips For Drawers and Wardrobes

Product Reference: 26
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10 Packs of 12 Orphea Moth Repellent Strips For Drawers and Wardrobes
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Orphea 10x12 Moth Repellent Strips For Drawers and Wardrobes

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Buy Orphea 10x12 Moth Repellent Strips For Drawers and Wardrobes

10 Sachets of Orphea. Pleasant for us but repellent to moths. 12 Orphea strips

  • Ideal for storing cashmere
  • Hang in the wardrobe
  • Place in drawers & cupboards
  • Made in Italy
  • Use in conjunction with our Orphea Salvalana Spray

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To all the good people at Caraselle. Thank-you so much for all your help in eradicating my moth infestation. All the products you advised me to get have worked perfectly, just as described. Your delivery time is incredible, next morning, Fantastic.!! Again my Thanks, I have managed to save all but one of my carpets and rugs and for this I and my insurers truly owe you and your wonderful team.
Best Regards.
Barnsbury, Islington
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Product Reference: 26
Orphea Salvalana Spray 150ml from Caraselle

Our Price: £11.99

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The most pleasant smelling anti moth product out there!
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 19-12-2017
Have been buying them for many years. They work and smell nice!
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 05-10-2017
Efficient and easy to use.
The floral fragrance is unobtrusive but I find the lavender rather overpowering.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 13-09-2017
Very effective moth killers.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 04-09-2017
I use them in wardrobes and drawers to prevent moth. An excellent product which I originally found at *** but now buy direct, much better. Recommend with no hesitation
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 08-08-2017
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 16-06-2017
Really satisfied with the product..
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 07-06-2017
Moth repellent strips placed in drawers and wardrobes. Haven't had a problem with moths since using the strips. Recommended to everyone.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 30-04-2017
I use them in wardrobes and drawers and would recommend them to anybody. Do the job but don't leave a nasty smell. An excellent product
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 02-03-2017
Filled the wardrobes again to keep these nasty little pests away.
Strips are OK but better to have something go round top of coathanger
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 20-02-2017
Orphea clothes protector from moths is perfect, also makes the house smell great.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 20-02-2017
Really does the job, and has a very pleasant smell.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 10-01-2017
I like the smell
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 26-10-2016
Place in wardrobes or drawers for long lasting fragrance .
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 12-07-2016
used in wardrobes and bags tostore woolen sweaters, carpets etc.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 11-07-2016
They are very effective. The smell is quite strong but fine.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 23-05-2016
I hang these on hangers with woolly jumpers and cardis. Unusually for moth products they have a lovely smell and so far no moths this year!! Very reasonably priced for so much protection.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 22-05-2016
Used in drawers and wardrobes. Pleasant odour and pleased with the product.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 22-05-2016
They smell very nice and I have not seen any moth trouble since putting them in drawers and hanging in wardrobes.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 21-05-2016
Moth repellent to hang on coat hangers - excellent idea and it works! 😎
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 16-05-2016

Protect and freshen your clothes and linen with long lasting moth repellent. Looks after even your most valuable garments. Use one strip per drawer.  Inside the sachet is a moist cloth, and when you break open the sealed sachet, the aroma will then waft out and deter any moth from venturing near and laying its eggs. The strip of cloth has a perforation on it so that you can hang it on a hanger. There are 12 strips in each packet. Will not stain.

Weight: 0.500 kg

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