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Caraselle gel-safe moisture trap system absorbs moisture & turns to gel

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Gel Safe Moisture Trap
Watch movie Watch movie Gel Safe moisture absorber Gel-safe moisture trap to stop condensation non - spill non - leak moisture trap refill dehumidifiers & moisture absorbers How to get rid of damp Moisture & condensation traps & refills Gel-Safe Moisture Trap moisture absorber Get rid of damp with Caraselle moisture trap Gel-Safe Moisture Trap
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Caraselle Gel-Safe Moisture Trap

Buy Caraselle Gel-Safe Moisture Trap

The trap turns moisture into a gel, not liquid!

  • Non - Spill & Non - Leak
  • Controls excess humidity
  • Protects against damp & Improves air quality
  • Ideal for Bathrooms & Kitchens
  • Quick & easy to use

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Tags: #Condensation & Moisture Control

I am very pleased to be able to let you know that having used the Caraselle Gel-Safe Moisture Trap to clear the condensation from my windows not only have I been able to have clean, clear, windows to see out of which is not causing any damage to my property but even more than that I have experienced a great benefit fo my health too. As I am living with a serious chest complaint any condensation can settle on my chest and I can feel very unwell. However, since using this property the air around me is still clean and fresh, so does not restrict my breathing.
It is nice to be able to give you feed back on how this product has made such a difference to me.
Thank you, Beryl
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Caraselle Gel-Safe Moisture Trap Refill Pack - 2 Refills

Our Price: £6.65

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Have used this product for quite some time and have found it very efficient, particularly in the bathroom.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 11-02-2016
I have been using these for quite some time and by the way they soak up the water assume they must be doing a good job!
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 04-12-2015
Very efficient moisture traps and clean to handle
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 25-08-2015
A very good product
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 24-11-2014
Have not used yet will review next time,but if they are sold by caraselle hopefully they will be good
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 01-10-2014
Not yet used
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 01-12-2013
good product
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 18-02-2013
I am using it for my ensuite. I am hoping that it will stop the mildew creeping in. Too early to say if this has worked.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 31-01-2013
works would recommend
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 29-01-2013
I am using this product in a sitting room with large patio doors that, overnight, accumulate a high degree of moisture. The traps appear to be working, as the amount of moisture evident in the morning is now much less than before.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 07-12-2012
Quality of product excellent I suffer from chesty problems so will see how this helps.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 19-11-2012
Used for condensation issue at bedroom window ... My initial concern is that although very effective the gel has gone hard in a week and so are not cost effective to keep refilling them
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 13-11-2012
trying for first time. the kilrock product is excellent.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 02-02-2012
Excellent product, solved our problem within 24 hours. Cannot recommend it highly enough.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 25-01-2012
very effective - does jst as it says
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 17-01-2012
Works really well and has made a great improvement to our condensation issue.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 30-12-2011
This product works very well, does exactly as described, absorbs moisture efficiently, love the gel simple disposal - no muss, no fuss!
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 22-12-2011
Good cheap "fix" for damp rooms. Doesn't take up much room on the windowsill and collects lots of water.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 02-12-2011
Shame that the product was "in use" as soon as the packet was opened and ready for use as I had wanted to put my refill already in use in the new trap as my previous trap was the one to put the loose crystals in.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 02-02-2011

Damp is the main cause of damage to materials in the home. The Gel-Safe system regulates excess humidity, keeping it at the optimum level. This prevents damp, mould, mildew, bacteria & musty odours - improving overall air quality & comfort.

The trap turns moisture into a gel, not liquid.

The Gel-Safe residue cannot be spilled, this makes it ideal for multi-purpose use ie. Wardrobes, cupboards, cars, caravans & boats. The refills are extremely easy to replace with no mess or spillage.

L = 20 cms( 8" ) H = 7 cms (2 3/4" )  D = 9 cms ( 3 1/2" )

Non - Spill & Non - Leak
Controls excess humidity
Protects against damp
Improves air quality
Quick & easy to use
New Gel-Safe system absorbs moisture & turns to gel
Refills available ( two per pack )

Weight: 0.500 kg