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Measuring your ironing board

You must ensure that your ironing board is the correct size for this product.

To ensure the correct fit the board should be measured at its widest point including the depth and its longest point including the depth.

Ironing Board Sizing

Length = A + C + C
Width = B + C + C

We've made all of our ironing board covers a slightly more generous size to cope with the multiple options of ironing boards available.

Are you sure that this cover will fit your shape & size of Ironing Board?

You Are Here > > Croc Odor 4 in 1 Moisture Absorber Non - Spill from Caraselle

Croc Odor Moisture Absorber | Instantly absorbs humidity

Reference: 1799
Croc Odor 4 in 1 Moisture Absorber Non - Spill from Caraselle Direct
Watch movie Watch movie Moisture Absorber to stop condensation on house Croc Odor Moisture Absorber
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Croc Odor 4 in 1 Moisture Absorber Non - Spill from Caraselle
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Buy Croc Odor 4 in 1 Moisture Absorber Non - Spill from Caraselle

  • Instantly absorbs humidity
  • Eliminates musty odours
  • Prevents mildew @ malodours on clothes
  • Sanitizes all rooms & cupboards
  • Helps prevent development of mite dust

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You can't do better than a Croc Odor, have used them many times and they do their job well.
Have recommended Croc Odor's to many of my friends who now also use them.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 20-10-2014
Have used these for many years and find them to be extremely efficient
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 20-10-2014
Use all winter at windows and front door,and does trap a lot of excess moisture which in turn would cause Mould
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 13-10-2014
Used in a shower which has some built in shelves that catch water. These soak it up and prevent smells
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 09-10-2014
Great product in the fight against excess trapped moisture
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 01-10-2014
Gets used in porch and front room where a lot of moisture gets trapped and without our croc and moisture traps would grow black mould
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 01-09-2014
Croc is the best on the market, having used several other brands. We use in wardrobe and are discreet and leave clothes fresh. Surprising how much moisture they collect even though there is no damp in the room.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 29-08-2014
Excellent product Absorbs a lot of excess moisture
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 12-08-2014
We use this for excess moisture at windows and it is very effective
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 22-05-2014
I use this in the front room window and front door as a change of boiler has caused a damp problem.It works extremely well as we no longer have puddles of water by window or door
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 26-03-2014
I use this product in my bathroom and kitchen and is fantastic would recommend to anyone who has condensation, would be lost without it.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 10-02-2014
Using these in a damp wardrobe.They have made some inroads,and odour is definitely better.Would recommend these to anyone who has a damp problem.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 02-02-2014
i'm sure it will be good only just started to use it in my cellar
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 26-01-2014
use in bottom of a slightly damp wardrobe. Was recommended from a friend who uses them.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 29-12-2013
On the window sill and only time will tell if this works
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 11-11-2013
The product seems to be working very well at present. Hopefully, if it solves the damp problem I had in my shower, I will be purchasing again
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 04-11-2013
The product aids my 'fight' against condensation in the house
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 02-09-2013
I live in an old house which suffers with condensation - this product really helps
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 14-07-2013
Have used this product before and is excellent and only Caraselle could provide at a very low price.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 01-07-2013
Lovely product, helps with the moisture and condense. Will be great if could be refilled.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 18-06-2013

Suitable for all rooms & spaces
Helps prevent mildew & nasty odours
Spill proof

Weight: 0.650 kg