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Orphea Salvalana Spray 150ml

Reference: 1153
spray for carpet moths
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Orphea Salvalana Spray 150ml
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Buy Orphea Salvalana Spray 150ml

A practical & easy to use spray for long lasting protection of carpets, blankets, furs, overcoats, & all heavy & bulky garments.

Orphea Salvalana Spray

  • Protect against Moths & Silverfish
  • Ideal for carpets, upholstery, curtains, blankets etc
  • Non - staining
  • made with a natural formulation
  • A pleasant & unobtrusive bouquet

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Tags: #Orphea, #Moth Control

Reviewed By: | Review Date: 01-04-2014
I haven't used this yet, but intend to use it for the crevices at the bottom of the built-in wardrobe, and for the corner of the carpet under the bed, once I've hovered these spaces out. A good quantity for the money.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 13-01-2014
This is the first time I have used this product so I have sprayed my lounge, most of all I love the fragrance and protection is a bonus.I would recommend the product to anyone.The quality is great.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 10-10-2013
Awesome for spraying drawers and cupboards before filling them.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 29-07-2013
I would recommend this product to anyone.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 15-07-2013
A fabulous product to counteract moths! Smells great as well!
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 10-07-2013
I use this around the edges of rooms. I would recommend to anyone for prevention and keeping the moth problem at bay. Seems to be doing it's job very well.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 02-07-2013
Glad to find an answer to the problem.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 09-06-2013
spray it everywhere. Nice smell. Reduces moths but not completely
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 29-05-2013
Nice smell and seems to be working
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 26-05-2013
I use the product throughout the year to refresh my wardrobe/draw and clothes. I have never had a moth problem and I put this down to Orphea, but get in quick because they run out.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 21-03-2013
Orphea is simply sprayed on, in my case on a carpet. The smell is pleasant, and I will only find out its effectiveness when I find the moths don't reappear!
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 11-03-2013
Excellent prodduct - would highly recommend it to family (have done already) and friends.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 10-03-2013
Excellent to help manage moth inundation, would recommend to others
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 27-02-2013
The product is excellent and does what it says, It has a pleasent aroma. I have used over the last 2 years and spray the edge of our carpent twice a year.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 22-02-2013
This is a fantastic product and I especially love the beautiful fragrance it emanates.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 24-07-2012
Product did what it stated
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 15-07-2012
To family and friends
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 13-07-2012
Excellent quality
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 26-06-2012
I have (like many others in the last 2 years) had an infestation of moths, mainly in carpets. The spray is easy to use and pleasant-smelling and I believe it has been fairly effective in controlling the problem. It is important, I have found, to keep up the treatment, as the moths come back
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 21-06-2012

Orphea Salvalana Spray 150 ml. A practical & easy to use spray for long lasting protection of carpets,  blankets,  furs,  overcoats,  & all heavy & bulky garments.  Protects against Moths & Silverfish.

Orphea is made in Italy & made using a natural formulation based on over 400 plant & flower extracts. With a pleasant & unobtrusive bouquet it is safe & non-staining when in contact with garments.  It protects them without damaging them.

  • One 150ml bottle is sufficient to cover 60 square metres

Weight: 0.180 kg