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The Caraselle Car Organiser CD Slot Mount

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The Caraselle Car Organiser CD Slot Mount
As Seen On TV
The Caraselle Car Organiser CD Slot Mount The Caraselle Car Organiser CD Slot Mount The Caraselle Car Organiser CD Slot Mount The Caraselle Car Organiser CD Slot Mount The Caraselle Car Organiser CD Slot Mount The Caraselle Car Organiser CD Slot Mount The Caraselle Car Organiser CD Slot Mount The Caraselle Car Organiser CD Slot Mount The Caraselle Car Organiser CD Slot Mount Watch movie Watch movie Watch movie Watch movie Watch movie
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The Caraselle Car Organiser CD Slot Mount
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Buy The Caraselle Car Organiser CD Slot Mount

The most useful Car Accessory of the Year ! No Plugs No Leads No Batteries.

  • Made in the UK
  • Reduce hazardous dash wires
  • Stay safe within the law
  • Disability friendly aid
  • CD still plays

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Reviewed By: | Review Date: 26-02-2014
personal use and friends
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 16-01-2014
I use the slot mount all the time in my car as it is so convenient. I would recommend this product to anyone as it is so easy and convenient to use.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 02-01-2014
This product was bought as a extra Christmas present. It seems to be just what I was looking for.I would recommend this product and site to friends and family
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 23-12-2013
The CD slot mount has made my smartphone useable while in the car. Previous windscreen or dash mounts have proved difficult to use or see, and have impeded my vision. The smartphone now sits within hand reach, and near enough that I can actually read street names in Google Maps. Time will tell regarding the sticky pad's longevity...
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 19-12-2013
Would recommend this item to anyone, it is far better than having a satnav on the window and wires hanging in the way
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 19-12-2013
Easy to use and much less problematic than other gadgets on the market
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 19-12-2013
bought for my sister who lives in Switzerland where they are not allowed to attach their satnav to the screen , and my mother who has an ipod for her music to keep it handy
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 15-12-2013
Once I'd realized that you still use the original bracket for the satnav on the device and not just the satnav itself it was great!! This is a clever and useful product, just needs a bit more instruction for *** like me!
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 09-12-2013
good product
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 15-10-2013
Great iteam
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 02-10-2013
Used in my van. Excellent.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 04-09-2013
in car radio very goodand fits well
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 12-08-2013
The product Quality is very good.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 06-08-2013
Use to hold phone/sat nav whilst driving to enable easier access
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 17-06-2013
good product
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 10-06-2013
Excellent product.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 31-05-2013
Does what it says on the tin! Robust and of good quality.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 14-01-2013
What a great idea. A simple yet genius idea. I use the CD slot mount for my satnav and was super impressed at how sturdy and secure it is.
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 24-12-2012
good service
Reviewed By: | Review Date: 06-12-2012

Save accidents like this with a CD slot mount in your car

Save accidents like this with a CD slot mount in your car.A driver in Monte Carlo had an astonishingly expensive morning when she went for an outing in the high street. The woman caused a £700,000 five-car pile-up in the Monaco capital as she drove her blue Bentley down the main route of the Place du Casino. She managed to drive the £250,000 Azure into a host of other equally expensive cars. She came into contact with a £75,000 Mercedes Benz, a £143,000 Ferrari 430, a £150,000 Aston Martin Rapide and an £80,000 Porsche. This could have been avoided if she had used a CD slot mount!

The easy way to hold your Sat Nav / Mobile Phone / MP3 Player / Loose coins for parking &/or tolls / childrens dummies etc safely in your car.

Ideal for taking on holiday for use in your hire car !

The Award Winning CD Slot Mount

Designed for use with SAT NAVS. MOBILE PHONES, MP3 & PLAYERS, IPODS, PDA,  COINS etc
So simple & easy to use
Keeps the windscreen free of attachments to give clearer road vision
Fits most in-car cd players
Universal Mounting Pad
Still play your CD
Durable sticky pad included
No tell tale window marks

Discrete use day or night

Easy fast fitting

Disability friendly aid
Stay safe within the law
Reduce hazardous dash wires

New Pink version available for the Ladies
Made in the UK




Review in the Telegraph By Chris Knapman, 3:00PM GMT 21 Dec 2011

Fancy gadgets and Christmas might go hand-in-hand these days, but sometimes the simple ideas are still the best.

Proving the point is the CD Slot Mount, which consists of little more than a piece of plastic that slips into a car's CD slot, and a sticky pad upon which you can attach a satnav so that it doesn't need to be mounted on the screen. It'll also hold a smartphone, meaning that if you use your phone for satnav you can quickly and easily mount it in the car.

Although you can still listen to CDs when the device is in place, for those who swap discs frequently the Slot Mount might just be something else to get in the way. However, if you use an MP3 player for your in-car entertainment, then this gadget makes a great shelf upon which to place your iPod, which will stay in place during even the most spirited driving.

Other potential drawbacks are that, depending on where your car's stereo controls are located, the Slot Mount might obscure them. Also, if your CD player is mounted low in the cabin (such as in a MINI, for example) then it can take your satnav out of your line of sight.

Available in black or pink, and compatible with most cars, the CD Slot Mount costs £9.95 and was voted the Best British Invention of the Year by the British Inventors Society. Not flashy, but extremely useful, it's a genuinely excellent idea that's been well executed.

FrenchMonts sous sont la dernière innovation de fournir une solution de fixation sûre universelle dans la zone de bord d'un véhicule automobile. Une grande majorité des voitures, camionnettes, caravanes, monospaces, camions, autocars, caravanes ou bateaux &, ont lecteurs de CD slot-style installé en standard. Mounts fente à CD sont une excellente solution pour les nouveaux appareil portable de montage.
Le pad fourni durables collant assure une adhérence ferme instantanée et partie intégrante de presque n'importe quel dispositif taille d'une main, ou de fixation, même temporaire, de divers petits articles! Pour plus d'informtion s'il vous plaît consulter notre page de démonstration pour plus de détails sur ce nouveau produit étonnant.

FrenchSlot Mounts sind die neuesten Innovationen, um eine sichere universelle Befestigung Lösung im Bereich der Armaturentafel eines Kraftfahrzeugs zu schaffen. Eine große Mehrheit der Autos, Lieferwagen, Wohnmobile, Vans, Lastwagen, Busse oder Boote & Wohnwagen haben Slot-style-CD-Player als Standard. CD Slot Mounts sind eine große neue Lösung für die schnelle und einfache Montage tragbaren Gerät installiert.
Die zur Verfügung gestellten dauerhaften sticky pad garantiert eine sofortige fest im Griff und Befestigung der fast jede Hand-große Gerät, oder sogar temporäre Fixierung von Kleinteilen! Weitere Informtionen finden Sie in unserer Demo-Seite für weitere Informationen über diesen verblüffenden neuen Produkts.

FrenchSe holder soporte tragamonedas son la última innovación para ofrecer una solución segura de fijación universal dentro del área de salpicadero de un vehículo de motor. Una gran mayoría de coches, furgonetas, autocaravanas, monovolúmenes, camiones, autobuses o barcos y caravanas, tienen un estilo ranura de los reproductores de CD instalado de serie. Soportes CD de ranura son una gran solución para el nuevo dispositivo portátil rápido y sencillo montaje.
El siempre almohadilla adhesiva durable asegura un agarre firme instantánea y soporte para casi cualquier dispositivo de mano de tamaño, o incluso la fijación temporal de varios artículos pequeños! Para más informtion consulte nuestra página de demostración para obtener más detalles sobre este nuevo producto sorprendente.

FrenchSupporto slot sono l'ultima innovazione per offrire una soluzione sicura di fissaggio universale all'interno dell'area cruscotto di un veicolo a motore. Una grande maggioranza di auto, furgoni, camper, monovolume, autocarri, autobus, o barche e roulotte, sono slot-style lettori CD installato di serie. Monta slot CD sono una grande soluzione nuova per un veloce e semplice dispositivo portatile di montaggio.
Il fornito pad adesivo resistente garantisce una presa istante ferma e fissaggio di qualsiasi dispositivo delle dimensioni di mano, o di fissaggio anche temporanea di vari oggetti di piccole dimensioni! Per ulteriori informtion si prega di consultare la nostra pagina demo per tutti i dettagli su questo fantastico prodotto nuovo.


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