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Woodlore Cedar Shoe Rack Topper

Reference: 1263
Shoe Rack
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designed to fit the Large Shoe Rack only ( product reference : 1262-1 ).

Woodlore Cedar Shoe Rack Topper

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Woodlore Cedar Shoe Rack Topper

The Cedar Shoe Rack Topper is designed to fit the Large Shoe Rack with a cedar frame & hardboard shelf provides convenient additional storage space to any wardrobe or closet.  The pack includes a pair of Shoe Rack Extenders to provide an additional 5 cms ( 2" ) of vertical clearance.

Aromatic cedar is found only in America & naturally protects clothing from Moths & refreshes it with the forest - fresh aroma of cedar.  To rejuvenate the fragrance of aromatic cedar,  lightly sand with medium sandpaper & / or use our Woodlore Cedar Sprays ( ref nos : 1161 & 1173 )


Weight: 3.100 kg