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Measuring your ironing board

You must ensure that your ironing board is the correct size for this product.

To ensure the correct fit the board should be measured at its widest point including the depth and its longest point including the depth.

Ironing Board Sizing

Length = A + C + C
Width = B + C + C

We've made all of our ironing board covers a slightly more generous size to cope with the multiple options of ironing boards available.

Are you sure that this cover will fit your shape & size of Ironing Board?

You Are Here > Acana Advanced Moisture Trap & Freshener System Pack of 3 Refills from Caraselle

Acana Advanced Moisture Trap & Freshener System Pack of 3 Refills from Caraselle

Product Reference: 3128
Ultimate Condensation Trap
Acana Advanced Moisture Trap Pack Of 3 Refills
3 Tier Lockable System Ideal for Large Spaces Protects Home Items from Moisture Damage

Buy Acana Advanced Moisture Trap & Freshener System Pack of 3 Refills from Caraselle

  • Prevents Leaks & Spills and is Refillable
  • Protects Home Items from Moisture Damage
  • Attracts and Seals Away Moisture, Odours and Bacteria
  • Freshens the Air
  • 3 Tier Lockable System Ideal for Large Spaces

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Tags: #Condensation & Moisture Control

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Product Reference: 3128
Acana Advanced Moisture Trap & Freshener System from Caraselle

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Acana Hanging Moisture Absorber Traps -4x Lavender from Caraselle

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Acana Moisture Absorber/Freshener-Cool Marine Fragrance from Caraselle

Our Price: £5.65

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BRAND NEW from Acana - the Advanced Safety Moisture Trap System

This new product from Acana features a unique Cartridge System which allows seperate AND combined use of the 3 Cartridges included within the main body of the trap.

This is a full refill pack for the Advanced Moisture Trap System from Acana.

This enables greater control over the amount of moisture you can absorb in a space at any one time; for example large and/or very damp spaces can be dehumidified quickly with combined use of all 3 cartridges. A smaller space however could be monitored with one cartridge at a time, making full use of the product's longevity and effectives over a longer period of time.

This modern and stylish unit is both loackable and completely refillable. The moisture trap's unique formulation effectively absorbs moisture from air circulating between mineral granules.

Convenient safety cartridges attract and lock in moisture, odours and bacteria whilst also preventing any leaks or spills.

This a product ideal for Larger Rooms and Spaces of up to 45 Cubic Metres. The unit's transparency allows clear sight of the Cartridges so you know exactly when they need to be replaced.n The integrated Cartridge Holder then allows for quick and easy disposal and re-loading.

Each loaded Cartridge Holder effectively absorbs up to 1000ml.

L = 28 cms(11")
H = 12.5 cms (5")
D = 8 cms (3 1/4")

Non - Spill & Non - Leak
Helps Prevent Damp Damage

Controls excess humidity

Improves quality of air

Simple and quick to use and refill

New 3 Tier system works effectively in large spaces

Refills available ( three per pack )

Weight: 0.900 kg

Weight: 0.600 kg

More Info & Buy Now »Ref: 1894-2 Single Item £3.25 Multipack from £2.75
More Info & Buy Now »Ref: 2046-1 Single Item £6.65 Multipack from £6.00
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