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Measuring your ironing board

You must ensure that your ironing board is the correct size for this product.

To ensure the correct fit the board should be measured at its widest point including the depth and its longest point including the depth.

Ironing Board Sizing

Length = A + C + C
Width = B + C + C

We've made all of our ironing board covers a slightly more generous size to cope with the multiple options of ironing boards available.

Are you sure that this cover will fit your shape & size of Ironing Board?

You Are Here > Acana Carpet Moth Trap Refill Pack of 2 from Caraselle

Acana Carpet Moth Trap Refill Pack of 2 from Caraselle

Product Reference: 3446
New - Acana Moth Trap Refill
Acana Carpet Moth Trap Refill Pack of 2 from Caraselle
Acana Carpet Moth Trap Refill Pack of 2 from Caraselle Acana Carpet Moth Trap Refill Pack of 2 from Caraselle

Buy Acana Carpet Moth Trap Refill Pack of 2 from Caraselle

  • Refill Pack for Acana Carpet Moth Monitoring Trap
  • Easy to use and discreet
  • Each Sticky Board has a TIMESTRIP Visual End of Life Inidicator - Lasts 8 weeks
  • Fits under sofas, and neatly against skirting boards
  • Monitors the level of Carpet Moth Infestation in the room
  • Uses Advanced Pheromone technology to attract Moths to the Board
  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS! Safe for all creatures - apart from moths and beetles!
  • Designed to act as a 'First Alert' to Carpet Moths and Beetles

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Product Reference: 3446
Acana Moth Killer 'First Response' Attack Pack from Caraselle

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Acana Carpet Moth Trap from Caraselle

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Mothmaggedon: 'What's Eating You 2?' The Moth Book by Caraselle - NEW

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The Carpet Moth Monitoring Trap - REFILL PACK

New for 2018, Acana have come up with a specialised, easy to use and discreet solution to monitoring the level of infestation of Carpet Moths and Beetles in your home. 

The Acana Moth Monitoring Trap effectively attracts and traps carpet moths and carpet beetles - all without the use of harsh chemicals.

Advanced pheromone technology attracts them to the unit, trapping them on the Sticky Board to provide immediate and visual evidence of an infestation. 

Designed to initially act as a "first alert, it is then used to monitor the effectiveness of the Moth Killing Treatments being used to deal with the infestation. We recommend Acana Carpet and Fabric Moth Killer Spray as the killer treatment for adult carpet moths, eggs and larvae.

The large 100sq cm surface area of the Sticky Board ensure effective trapping of any carpet moths or beetles present. Complete with TIMESTRIP Visual End of Life Indicator, it lasts for 8 weeks. 

The slimline case fits easily under sofas, furniture or neatly against skirting boards (attaching it using small double sided sticky pad provided) to monitor carpeted areas or other high risk items. 

Replace Sticky Board & End of Life Indicator when TIMESTRIP indicator reaches the Red Zone - after 8 weeks. 

Discarded Boards & Indicators can be disposed of in domestic waste. 

Refill packs are readily available - please see 'Suggested Items'. 

PLEASE NOTE - This product is to be used ONLY with Acana CARPET Moth Monitoring Trap. It will not work in the Clothes Monitoring Trap as it has a different size/design and uses different pheremones. 


Weight: 0.015 kg

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