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High quality clothes hangers! The Small Bendy Hangers - Rubber Coated

Product Reference: 205
Ideal for Knitwear - Bend Into Shape
Watch movie Watch movie Caraselle 10 Bendy Hangers - Rubber Coated Caraselle 10 Bendy Hangers - Rubber Coated
Caraselle 10 Bendy Hangers - Rubber Coated
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Product Reference: 205
Caraselle Large Bendy Hanger - Rubber Coated 52cms

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Caraselle Large Foam Covered Bendy Hanger 52 cms ( 20.5

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Width 46 cms long ( 18" )

10 Small Bendy Hangers - Ideal for hanging & / or drying knitwear.

  • Ideal for the utility room
  • Shape the hanger to the garment
  • Designed for knitwear
  • Great for drying knitwear

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The Bendy Hangers are a new designed to be really useful in a variety of ways:
Ideal for hanging & / or drying knitwear. Bend the hanger into a U shape to put inside the neck of the sweater without stretching it & then bend the hanger back to the required shape for the sweater.

If you have shallow wardrobes & standard size hangers are just to wide then you will find the the Bendy Hangers are the answer. Just bend them to get the width you need.

These hangers are fantastic for Childrens Clothes as you can change the shape to accommodate many styles & sizes of garments. We have the Childs Bendy Hangers available with the Rubber Coating. The hangers should last for years as you can bend them to fit your childrens clothes as they move up through the sizes. You can also bend them to fit into your suitcase.

We have two types of finishes on the Bendy Hangers - either Foam covered or Rubber Coated. They both have rotating hooks.

Width 46 cms (18") when fully extended.

Our bendy hangers are very simple to use. Simply follow the instructions below:

Step one: The Bendy Hanger comes in two sizes: Large is 20.5" and small is 18" end to end. Select the appropriate size.

Step two: Bend the hanger so that the ends fit into the neck of the garment.

Step three: Insert the Bendy Hanger into the garment.

Step four: Open out the Bendy Hanger until you find the perfect shoulder shape. The Bendy Hanger will not mis-shape, it is very sturdy and padded and makes the perfect hanger for drip drying.

More Info & Buy Now »Ref: 205-5 Single Item £4.99 Multipack from £4.30
Ideal for Knitwear - Bend Into Shape
Caraselle 10 Small Bendy Hangers - Rubber CoatedCaraselle 10 Small Bendy Hangers - Rubber CoatedCaraselle 10 Small Bendy Hangers - Rubber Coated
More Info & Buy Now »Ref: 205-10 Single Item £4.99 Multipack from £4.30
More Info & Buy Now »Ref: 280-5 Single Item £9.99 Multipack from £7.50
Min spend £10
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