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Measuring your ironing board

You must ensure that your ironing board is the correct size for this product.

To ensure the correct fit the board should be measured at its widest point including the depth and its longest point including the depth.

Ironing Board Sizing

Length = A + C + C
Width = B + C + C

We've made all of our ironing board covers a slightly more generous size to cope with the multiple options of ironing boards available.

Are you sure that this cover will fit your shape & size of Ironing Board?

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Buy a pack of 20 Zensect Bouchard Moth Proofer Balls with Lavender Fragrance

Product Reference: 1796
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Zensect Bouchard Moth Proofer Balls with Lavender Fragrance
Watch movie Watch movie Watch movie A pack of 20 Zensect Bouchard Moth Proofer Balls with Lavender Fragrance Moth balls Pack of 20 moth balls nartual moth repellent

Buy Pack of 20 Zensect Moth Proofer Balls with Lavender from Caraselle

  • New & improved formula
  • Protects all fabrics for up to 3 months
  • Leaves no stains
  • Efficient & safe for all the family
  • Efficiency indicator to let you know when to change

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Tags: #Moth Control

To all the good people at Caraselle. Thank-you so much for all your help in eradicating my moth infestation. All the products you advised me to get have worked perfectly, just as described. Your delivery time is incredible, next morning, Fantastic.!! Again my Thanks, I have managed to save all but one of my carpets and rugs and for this I and my insurers truly owe you and your wonderful team.
Best Regards.
Barnsbury, Islington
£ 8.99
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Product Reference: 1796
Caraselle Moth Book - What's Eating You?

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Zero Insect, Zero Stains and Zero Contact with Zensect Moth Proofer Balls

No one liked moth balls. They were smelly, toxic and highly flammable. Luckily, we've come a long way since then: modern moth proofers smell great, are safe to use and more efficient than ever.

Zensect Moth Proofer balls seal the proofer away in a plastic pouch that prevents direct contact to your clothes and your skin. Not only does this make them safe, it extends their effective life dramatically by gradually releasing Zensect's anti-moth formula over three months.

And as for the smell, these pest repelling balls are infused with a lavender fragrance, keeping your clothes smelling as good as they look.

Simply drop a couple in your drawers for get rid of clothes moths, their larvae and their eggs for up to three months. The balls lose their colour along with their potency, so you'll know when it's time to refresh your defences.

Top Tips from the Caraselle Moth Busters

  • Each pack comes with 20 units, and we recommend using two per drawer. You can also place them in the pockets of larger garments.
  • Three months is a long time, and it's easy to forget when you're due a replacement. If you order from Caraselle, we'll send an email to let you know when it's time to take action.
  • It's those hard to clean, natural fibres that are most at risk of becoming a meal. We recommend giving them a dry clean before storing them with any pest defences.
  • These work best in an enclosed space. For wardrobe protection, add Zensect Hanging Moth Proofers to your basket.

Weight: 0.125 kg

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