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Caraselle Mothbusters

Get the Creepy Crawlies Off Your Clothes. Our moth control products stop moths dead, stop infestation and stop it coming back

Your furniture, carpets and clothes are in danger. Right now, any natural fabric in your home could be served as a meal to moth larvae. This is the reality of a clothes and carpet moth epidemic costing the UK £1 billion every year with no signs of slowing. Now that the average person stores 80% of their clothes, we've created the perfect habitat for these ravenous, destructive pests.

Worst of all: insurance rarely covers moth damage, leaving you to pick up the pieces of your ruined wardrobe on your own. If this all sounds disastrous, that's because it is. It's no exaggeration to say moth infestation can ruin lives and livelihoods. The good news is, it's never been easier, cheaper and safer to protect your belongings from unwanted invaders.

On this page you'll find products to prevent and stop infestation in every corner of your home, from natural repellents and simple traps to state of the art formulas lethal to moths but safe for us.

At Caraselle Direct, we back up this exclusive range with over thirty years of experience helping everyone from anxious families to the V & A Museum. We thrive on the well-being of our customers and their belongings, so if anything you buy from us doesn't give the results you need, we'll advise a solution and send a replacement and if we think your moth prevention products are due to expire, we'll send you an email letting you know that you'll soon be at risk. That's Caraselle Care.

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Moth Control Buyer Guides

How do I know if I have a moth infestation?

The first time you notice that moths have invaded your home, irreparable damage may have already been done to your clothes, carpets and food. That’s because moth larvae (the ones that do the damage) are so small, you may not see them in time to stop them chewing through your clothes, carpet and rugs, or food. Read the full Moth Control buyer guide: "How do I know if I have a moth infestation?"...

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