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About Caraselle

We deliver anywhere in the world!Caraselle Direct delivers anywhere in the world!

Caraselle were the first company to develop the Clothes - Care Concept & bring it to the UK. This happened in the late 1970's & early 1980's. We built on the success of the Whizzkleen Mini Sweeper Crumb Brush, Bizzi Brush Lint Remover, Non-Slip Coat Hangers & Polypropylene Hangers.

The Caraselle Direct distribution centre in London

We created a range of 30 products & introduced the Clothes - Care Concept to the leading Dry Cleaners in the UK & Europe. The largest Dry Cleaner at the time was Sketchley with over 500 branches in the UK and was the first with the range in all their shops. The products then rapidly became popular Household Brands being sold in literally thousands of the best Dry Cleaners across the country, leading Department Stores & Supermarkets.

Caraselle is unique for innovative design and development of many of its products which is done mainly in house and is representative of British Design at its best.

The Caraselle Direct river launch, Henley Royal Regatta 2011 The Caraselle Direct river launch, Henley Royal Regatta 2011

Although we were selling our range into most of the UK's Leading Dry Cleaners & Major Store Groups we decided to create Caraselle Direct in 2003 to make our Clothes-Care Concept available to everyone who wanted it as we felt the Internet would bring us closer to the people who really mattered - The Customer.

We found ourselves extremely frustrated with the lack of vision of many retail store buyers who could not see the true potential of our concept. We have always considered quality & design as paramount whereas many buyers appeared to place most emphasis on the reducing of quality to benchmark prices.

Johnsons Cleaners Caraselle Direct supplies
Johnsons Cleaners
Suppliers to the Trade Caraselle Direct:
suppliers to the Trade

This short sighted approach told us that we would have to offer ourselves direct to the public and more importantly recognized that to stay in business and prosper we had to adapt our business model. Putting it bluntly we did not want to sell inferior products to the shops and instead we decided to test our new products and concepts out for ourselves.

Care & Storage products  for  the  most luxurious Mega Yachts Caraselle Direct Care & Storage products
for the most luxurious Mega Yachts

This has proven to be a major shift for us as we now talk to many of our customers as often as possible. They tell us what items they would like to see developed and we react accordingly.

As a result we remain market leaders in our field. All the directors of Caraselle come from product development / design background / Formula One with many years of experience working in Marks & Spencer PLC & Debenhams Ltd. We have used our extensive skills to develop the ranges that you see today. In 2003 we began with 30 product options on our website and by June 2011 it has grown to more than 4100 and continues to grow at a great pace!

We have also developed a substantial range of Super Deluxe Clothes - Care and Storage products for many of the world's most luxurious Mega Yachts currently afloat.

Our policy is to create as many happy Customers as possible whilst maintaining a unique service time & time again. There is always something new under development at Caraselle Direct - we think out of the box and it gives us enormous pleasure to see happy customers using our unique designs in their day to day lives.

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Caraselle are best known for some of their world beating, million plus selling products that have become household names:

The Whizzkleen Chrome Brush The Caraselle Direct Whizzkleen Chrome Brush

The Whizzkleen Mini Sweeper - sales to date 10.5 million
The Bizzi Brush - sales to date 4.5 million
The Lint Remover Brush - sales to date 2.5 million
The Triple Action Brush - sales to date 2 million
The P3 Polypropylene Hangers - sales to date 22 million
The Worlds Best Sticky Roller Brushes & Refills - sales to date 30 million
The Non-Slip Hanger - sales to date 8 million
And many More !

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