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don't ignore moths
Extra precautions when dealing with Covid-19

More frequent washing tips

don't ignore moths

With so much media information about Coronavirus it's hard to take it all in, so we've summarised the main advice relating to Covid-19 in relation to washing your clothes.

Evidence suggests that the virus may remain for hours to days on surfaces made from various materials which include clothing, but can remain on some surfaces for up to 8 days. We are led to believe that especially on hard surfaces it lingers longer than any other strain of flu, which is one reason it's so contagious. Be aware that buttons and zips could include materials such as plastic or stainless steel which can be contaminated for up to 2-3 days.

It's no surprise therefore that it's recommended to very regularly wash your clothes, especially if you are leaving home to go to work. Outer items that you wouldn't normally wash as often are now amongst the most important to wash, such as coats and jackets, jumpers, gloves and trousers/skirts - anything that has been in direct contact with items outside of the home. Ideally get into the habit of changing into other clothes and shoes as soon as you get in.

Detergent - Viruses don't like detergents, so using extra detergent makes sense at this time. Also using a detergent that contains a bleach compound if you can is beneficial to provide a harsh environment to the virus.

Temperature - Washing at a temperature as hot as is safe to use on your clothes is beneficial to help to kill the virus. It's vital to carefully read any manufacturers wash care labels to avoid damaging your clothes which would only add more anxiety to the current situation! Not all materials can cope with high temperatures, so don't assume you can put them all in a high temperature wash, it's powerful against viruses but only if your clothes label shows it's safe to do so.

Net Washing Bags - with the amount of washing we're all doing, organising your clothes in the wash is more important than ever. Net Wash Bags allow you to separate items in your wash (reduces the sorting after) and also protects your delicate items such as lingerie. Bra Wash Bags prevent hooks and fastenings from getting tangled or damaging other items, and you can even safely wash your trainers in a Shoe Wash Bag (you can put several in the wash at once because the bags are padded) which also protects the washing machine drum.

don't ignore moths

In Summary...

  1. Get into the habit of changing into other clothes and shoes as soon as you get in (especially important if you have been leaving home regularly to go to work)
  2. Wash your Sheets & Towels at the highest temperature setting available with your washing machine. This cycle will take longer as the water has to be heated to approximately 70C or higher
  3. Wash your 'outside garments' more frequently
  4. Viruses do not like detergents so if in doubt use extra detergent! You could also look for a detergent which includes bleach when safe to do so
  5. don't ignore mothsPlease make sure to read carefully any manufacturers wash care labels, especially when washing at high temperatures or with detergents using bleach
  6. We suggest regular use of a good quality washing machine cleaner, such as Dr Beckmann 'Service-It' Deep Clean
  7. We would recommend that running your washing machine at 60C or higher with the drum empty will help stop mould growing in the machine. It also helps fight the build-up of detergents and/or fabric conditioner deposits
  8. Make use of Net Wash Bags to sort and protect your clothing in the wash and dryer, also saving time afterwards
  9. When the sun is shining get your clothes on the line (get out in the sun yourself too for feel good factor and health!) - see tips below for best ways to line dry your clothes in all weather
  10. Make use of time-saving Ironing products, with so much washing being done you need to save as much time as you can! Caraselle Linen/Ironing Water with Cedar fragrance is great to reduce creases and provide extra Moth protection
  11. We suggest removing shirts and blouses from the tumble dryer when slightly damp to make them easier to iron. Even better line dry your clothes and remove items you are going to iron from the line when slightly damp. Spray Starch and Easy Iron are also helpful for this, and you may want to use an Iron Cleaner to keep your iron working at optimal level.
  12. Our high quality Ironing Board Covers are made in England and when used with our Ironing Board Cover Felt Underlay will also give you a better finish while ironing

Our top tips for line drying your clothes whatever the weather

Not only is naturally drying your laundry better for the planet, it's better for your purse and your clothes! With more and more of us making efforts to NOT use the dryer here's our advice for hanging out the laundry quickly and easily - and some workarounds for when the weather doesn't comply!

Keep an eye on the weather and be ready for showers

  • Moth Problems?If you can, put a rainy day line in a covered area outside e.g. a porch area or awning
  • Hang clothes on the inner lines of a rotary line and using strong pegs clip an old shower curtain or plastic sheet over the top line to protect from light showers

Wise up on fabrics! Some clothes need special attention

  • Protect bright colours from too much sunshine - bring them in as soon as they're dry
  • Hang fabrics likely to stretch on Caraselle Knitwear Hangers clipped to the line to stop them losing shape
  • Prevent stiffness on items such as towels and jeans finish them off in the dryer. To completely avoid the dryer this dry them outside on very windy days to avoid any stiffness

Defluff! Line drying won't do anything to avoid lint, hairs or the odd tissue disaster! Use a Caraselle Sticky Roller to pick up any bits from the wash

When drying clothes inside ideally use a well ventilated room (bathrooms are ideal) with windows open and doors shut!

To avoid condensation when drying clothes inside, allow moisture to escape out of your home - open bathroom windows and shut the door! With extra moisture in the home make sure you also put lids on pans & open windows in the kitchen too. Make use of Moisture Traps in all areas most likely to get condensation, they also improve the air quality and protect against damp and mould in your home

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