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Wundaweb Questions - Caraselle Direct

How do I remove Wundaweb from a garment ?
Method 1: Pressing

You will need:

• A soft, clean cloth.
• A damp pressing cloth which should be thoroughly damp and re-wet for each pressing with a hot iron.

a) Cover the area of web to be removed with the soft, clean cloth.

b) Cover the cloth with a damp pressing cloth and press with a hot, dry iron until the soft cloth is very damp and hot.

c) When the soft cloth is considered to be really damp and hot, it should be lifted sharply from the fabric. This action will remove the unwanted web.

d) Repeat actions 1, 2 and 3 above until the web has been removed or softened to an acceptable level.

Please note:
A clean portion of cloth should be used for each pressing and care should be taken not to contaminate the fabric from other areas of the cloth already used for removing the web.

Method 2: Isopropyl-Alcohol solution

We suggest you buy a few millilitres of Isopropyl-Alcohol, obtainable from chemists and make up a solution of this by adding 10% volume of water and gently warming the resultant mixture (9 parts Isopropyl-Alcohol to 1 part water).

The affected area should then be dabbed lightly with a soft cloth using a blotter behind to catch the surplus solution. Repeat this action until the residue is removed.

Please note:
We recommend that you try this solution on a small piece of fabric before using overall.
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